Fanapad Company is a founded in 2018 by Dr. Ghasem Askari and some intelligent and high graduated experts. We are employing unmanned arial vehicle, remote sensing, and GIS technologies for precise agriculture, mining and big spatial data management. The company has already modern and advanced RTK drones for surveying and mapping, spraying and photography. Our future plan is doing business in resailing, assembling, and developing UAV related technologies. We believe to partnership for developing our company.
The company has located in Semnan province which is one of most industrial cities in Iran. Our location (Damghan) is famed as hundred gates, meaning that by just 3 to 9 hour driving we can reach to half of Iran population centers. Many mining and agriculture area are located around us which help us to reach our local customers.
We have done many projects in the field of surveying and mapping and mining exploration. For more information, please visit following link:

Faavar Pahpad Company (Fannapad Co., LTD)
Sad darvaze Local Road,
Technology Units Growth Center
Damghan, Iran
PO Box: 3614933578
Phone: +989128979193
Instagram: fannapad.uav

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